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Where do I begin? I think I have always had a passion for food and have fond memories of my early childhood both cooking with both my mum and making fudge and other sweets with my grandmother. My love of food and cooking continued through my school days and was always cooking at school and worked in kitchens while doing my A-levels. For some reason I decided to study chemistry at university but have since realised that it is my love of mixing flavours, textures and ingredients that was the driving force behind this decision.

Since University I have been very lucky and managed to combine my other 2 great passions in life, travelling and Skiing with cooking. I have lived and worked in restaurants and hotels in Canada, USA, France, Australia and Spain as well as travelled all over the world experiencing foods from South America to Eastern Africa and Far East Asia. My passion for food, trying and experiencing new tastes and sensations continues to grow with every year and with every new country visited.

During my time in France I worked as a chalet host and practised my skills hosting dinner parties. Eating and enjoying food round a table with friends or strangers to me is the greatest way to share and experience delicious food. I moved back to Brighton a couple of years ago and have started my supper club to share with everyone my love of food in the way I know best. I look forward to meeting many wonderful people who also share my passion for food.